Sequentur Verbe: Your Study Guide provides information and tips that can help you achieve academic success.

Why Sequentur Verbe?

Sequentur Verbe is taken from the Latin, “Rem Tene, Verbe Sequentur,” attributed to Cato the Elder, which means, “Stick to the meaning: the words will follow.” I see this statement as the key to learning, so I have taken it as my motto for this site, which is devoted to helping you learn well, write well, and achieve success in both the academic and professional worlds.

Why not Verbe Sequentur?

Unfortunately, all straightforward variants of Rem Tene, Verbe Sequentur are already in use. I played around with a number of variants, and finally decided that Sequentur Verbe was my best option.

Tutor and Instructor

I am CRLA certified as a tutor. Currently, I assist college students with reading, writing, ESL, math, and study skills. I’ve also taught career development (study skills and job hunting skills) at the college level.

I love teaching and tutoring. I think these are the best jobs in the world, as they allow me to help students understand the strengths they have, so that they can not only be the best students possible, but also continue to grow and develop their skills and competencies throughout their lives.

Writer and Editor

I am a freelance writer and editor. A generalist, I’ve done editing and proofreading, technical writing and editing, marketing copy writing, and fiction writing. My career as a technical writer and editor includes over a decade working primarily within the computer software field.

A published author, I’ve been working on my fiction writing much longer than on my nonfiction and technical writing. Most of my fiction is either science fiction or fantasy, although I occasionally stray into other genres.

Learn more about me on Google+.

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