Conjugate, Conjugate, Conjugate

In my proofreading and copy editing work, as well as in my tutoring, I sometimes need to correct the conjugation of a verb. Most of the time, this is very straightforward, but tonight I have been proofreading a nautical alternate history novel. There’s a scene in which a square-rigged sailing vessel must take evasive action, and the captain gives the order to “wear ship.” Not being an expert in nautical terminology, I had to look this term up. A few paragraphs later, the action of wearing ship was referred to in the past tense. Back to the nautical glossaries and dictionaries. Nothing, only present tense. Then, I stumbled across, which has all the conjugations of wear ship. All. Of. Them.

Immediately after checking that “wore ship” really is the past tense of “wear ship” (it is!), I thought, this will be a fantastic resource for the ESL and EFL students who come to me for tutoring. Which made me realize that is also a great resource to share with all my readers.

So, go forth and conjugate!


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