Summer Session Study Strategies

My, what an alliterative title.

In the University of Minnesota’s student newspaper, Minnesota Daily, Trent Kays shares his take on being successful when taking summer classes in his article, Strategies for Summer Success. He makes some excellent points and I highly recommend that anyone taking summer classes read his article.

Many students don’t realize just how intense a summer session can be, so they try to cram an entire semester’s worth of classes into the summer. This may work out for a few, but it can also lead to a stressful and intense session in which students find they must scramble just to keep up, often leading to less than desirable outcomes. While it’s always important to stay on top of your assignments and avoid falling behind, this is doubly true for summer sessions, which cram an entire semester’s worth of material into only half the time a normal semester offers. Plus, the normal rules of studying still apply; cramming is ineffective, and you need to keep your study sessions short to maximize the effectiveness of your learning.

Trent has additional suggestions, so go check out his article.

Good luck with your summer studies!


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