As a tutor, I often work with students who’ve left an essay until the last moment. It rarely works. All too often, they are scrambling in a panic to find that last remaining reference, while at the same time asking a tutor to review what they’ve written, then dashing off to class with a paper that has been inadequately reviewed and a citation that isn’t quite what was needed.


In the early days of TheUniversityBlog, I wrote a popular piece about pulling all-nighters and writing essays at the last possible minute. And I wasn’t very complimentary about the process.

To see my friends in a fiddle and my peers in a panic was frustrating, because some of them clearly didn’t respond well to this regular ritual.

The one time I didn’t focus enough until it was too late…was my dissertation. Yes, I know, it annoyed me at the time too. Even worse, I’d been enjoying the research and writing at first and then simply stopped doing enough to make the project as scholarly (and awesome) as I could have done. Sucked to be me. 😉

So I knew that the last-minute wasn’t for me. By all means get close, but never get TOO close.

But can the all-nighter essay work for some students? Is it really the best…

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