One-Page Semester Calendar

This semester can be your easiest and most successful.

How can you achieve both at once? It all starts with a little time management. One simple way to start is by creating a one-page calendar for the semester that shows all the important dates, deadlines, and exams.

If you haven’t already created a calendar for your semester, now’s the time to start. First, you’ll need a one-page calendar that covers the entire semester. For your convenience, you can download a Fall Semester 2011 Calendar as a PDF. Alternatively, you can download a calendar editable in Word.

Most colleges publish a list of important dates and deadlines; start by copying each of these dates onto your calendar.

At the bottom of the calendar is a list of colored boxes; write the name or code for each of your classes in one of these boxes. Next, go through each of the syllabi you’ve received for your classes and copy all important dates, including due dates for major assignments and test dates, onto the calendar, highlighting them with the corresponding color.

That’s it. You’ve already increased your ability to manage your time. With all your important dates and deadlines on a single page, you’ll always know how much time you’ve got for your assignments, and you’ll never be surprised by an upcoming test. (Sorry, this won’t help with pop quizzes.)


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